TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI 99/4A Moon Mine game cartridge w/box, manual

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Moon Mine for the TI 99/4A

Tunnel your way below the lunar surface, find treasures, attack baddies coming at you through 3-D tunnels... and don't let your laser overheat!  Good looking game from the heyday of the TI 99/4A.

This item is for the Texas Instruments 99/4A home computer.

Product no. PHM 3131
Cartridge: red label, white housing

Top plastic box lid is broken with several large pieces missing.  "MOON MINE" sticker is affixed to one side of box lid.  Barcode sticker affixed to back of red bottom tray.

Cartridge is boxed with manual, and is the exact item as shown in the photo, with any cosmetic wear to packaging that you see.

Shipping weight: 1 lb.