TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI 99/4A Micropendium magazine May 1990 retro computing

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MICROPENDIUM Magazine for the TI 99/4A, Myarc Geneve 9640 and compatibles.

Micropendium was printed on newsprint from 1984 until the mid-1990s.  It contained product reviews, news, and program listings for the orphaned TI 99/4A computer and provided a vital lifeline for the community before the internet became mainstream.

This magazine shows light wear and fading, and has been punched with a three-hole punch to fit in a binder.  The photo is a picture of the actual magazine you are buying.

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May 1990 - Vol 7 no 4

Tank Commander game, business graphics software compared, EEPROMS explained, BBS listings, translating other BASICs into TI Extended BASIC and more