TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI 99/4A Oldies But Goodies Games II (1980) cassette tape software

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"Oldies But Goodies II" for the TI 99/4A computer

FORMAT: cassette
HOUSING: white
MFR: Texas Instruments
CAT. NO.: PHT 6017
LABEL: orange
YEAR: 1980

Five programs in TI BASIC - "3D Tic Tac Toe," "Hammurabi," "Hidden Pairs," "Pegjump," and "Word Safari."  Good time capsule of some of the earliest games to make the jump from timeshared minicomputers to the home micro, and interesting as programming exercises as well.  

Tested (all five programs loaded) and working. Due to the age of magnetic media we offer a 'no DOA' guarantee but recommend making a backup of all files.

Shipping weight: 4 ounces.