TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI 99/4A Chicken Coop (1986) Navarone tested game cartridge

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Chicken Coop for the TI 99/4A computer

FORMAT: cartridge
MFR: Navarone
CAT. NO.: none
HOUSING: white
LABEL: white top label with red lettering
YEAR: 1986

This odd "duck" of a game plays like Joust, was originally released as "Hen Pecked" in 1984-ish, and resurfaced as a Navarone game with a name change in 1986.  It's one of the weirder late-era third party games, with a maddening theme song and some quizzical controls at times, but it's one of the more rare cart games you'll find for your collection.

CONDITION: tested and working.  Label shows significant mottling and wear.

Shipping weight: 5 ounces.