TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI 99/4A Adventure (1981) red label tested game cartridge Scott Adams

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"Adventure" for the TI 99/4A computer

FORMAT: cartridge
MFR: Texas Instruments
CAT. NO.: PHM 3041
HOUSING: black
LABEL: red
YEAR: 1981

Tested and working. Cartridge only as shown; no other documentation or packaging included.

NOTE: "Adventure" does NOTHING on its own.  It is the engine to load other text-based adventure games from tape or disk!  There are several dozen adventure games compatible with the Adventure cartridge, made by TI and third parties, sold separately.

The "Adventure" series was the brainchild of Scott Adams, of Adventure International, who figured out how to fit the massive text adventure games of the 1970s minicomputers into smaller home machines.  With the "Adventure" cartridge, you can load over a dozen of Scott Adams's adventure games from disk or tape, and navigate all manner of worlds through the use of two word text commands.  

After the TI was discontinued, other companies and individuals produced compatible adventures as well, and there was even an Adventure Editor released so you could make your own!  These text-based games have a cult following even to this day, and they are quite a time capsule of the earliest days of video gaming and computer adventuring.

AGAIN, YOU CAN NOT PLAY ANY GAMES WITH THIS CARTRIDGE ALONE.  You must have it AND an adventure program on tape or disk.

 Shipping weight 5 ounces.