DVD Helloween 'Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy World Tour' (2007) promo 2disc

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DVD: Helloween "Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy World Tour 05-06 Live On Three Continents" (SPV, 2007)

This rare promotional 2-DVD set comes in a CD-style jewel case, with a back insert only.  It was sent out to press contacts to promote the release of the DVD in stores.  It contains two full DVDs of concert footage and videos from Helloween's triumphant 2005-2006 world tour.  Quite a cool collector's item for any Pumpkinmaniac!

DVD 1:
1. Intro
2. The King For 1000 Years
3. Eagle Fly Free
4. Hell Was Made In Heaven
5. Keeper Of The Seven Keys
6. A Tale That Wasn't Right
7. Drum Solo
8. Mr. Torture
9. If I Could Fly
10. Guitar Solo
11. Power
12. Future World
13. The Invisible Man
14. Mrs. God
15. I Want Out
16. Dr. Stein
17. Outro

DVD 2:
1. Occasion Avenue
2. Halloween
3. Road Movie
4. Interviews
5. Mrs. God (videoclip)
6. Light The Universe (videoclip)


CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with back tray insert only.