COMMODORE VIC 20 Mission Impossible text adventure boxed complete cartridge game

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COMMODORE VIC 20 "Mission Impossible" text adventure game cartridge

Condition: used, tested and working. boxed and complete. box shows significant wear and tear. No label on cartridge

Cat. No.: VIC 1916

Includes: cartridge, instruction manual, and original box.

Shipping weight: 1 lb.

This is one of a series of Scott Adams Adventure International text adventure games, created in the early 1980s and ported to many of the popular home computers of the day.  In these games, you use two-word text commands to navigate a strange world, gather treasures and solve puzzles.  In Mission Impossible, you race against time to save the world's first automated nuclear reactor.  You can play with no cassette player or other peripherals,  but you'll need a Data-sette if you want to save your progress.  Classic interactive fiction fun!