COMMODORE 64 Richard Scarry's Best Electronic Word Book Ever! (1985) NON LOADING CBS

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Commodore 64 Software: Richard Scarry's Best Electronic Word Book Ever! (CBS Software, 1985)


Help Lowly Worm find words and match them to pictures in four levels of this delightful game designed by acclaimed children's book author Richard Scarry.


Comes in original box as shown.  The outer packaging unfolds completely and the inner package is more of a folder, containing all the other components.  Comes with warranty card, two original floppy disks with labels, and manual.

This disks have been tested.  THEY DID NOT LOAD COMPLETELY ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS.  Consider this a non-working item sold for collector purposes.  Due to the age and volatility of magnetic media, we cannot guarantee future performance, and I highly recommend making a backup copy of your original disks and playing from those.

The backs of each disk contain the Apple II versions of the same software, however, these have not been tested.

Shipping weight: 1 pound.