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Commodore 64: Hole In One Math game (Disk-Count Software)

Created by noted education Thorwald Esbensen, this game for grades 1-8 teaches the creation of equations to come closest to an answer of 1, or a "hole in one."

Contains two disks, a one-page information sheet about Esbensen, and the original box, which is folded over and flat, as shown.

NOTE: There are also versions of the game for the Apple IIe and IBM PC lines of computers, however, ONLY the Commodore 64 version was tested here.


Load-tested on our Commodore 64, it works great!  However, due to the age and volatility of magnetic media, we cannot guarantee future performance, and I highly recommend making a backup copy of your original disks and playing from those.

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Any questions?  Email me.  Thank you for looking! - Keith