CD Youth Encounter 1998 Christian rock Echelon/Celia Whitler/Jonathan Rundman oo

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CD various artists "Youth Encounter Events Music Sampler" 

used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with all inserts.

A group of songs from artists who perform at Youth Encouner Congresses and "Quakes."


Jonathan Rundman "Meeting Nixon"
Celia Whitler "Things I Want You To Know"
Lost and Found "Be Not Afraid"
Peder Eide "It's About Jesus"
Krista Wiger "Crying"
Tim Dorsey "I Don't Deserve This Love"
Echelon "Yahweh"
Swen and Dean "One Name"
Buck "Shine On Me"
Shawn Smith "Can't You See"
Fat and Happy "Servant's Prayer"
Second Story "You-Shaped Hole In My Heart"
The Removed "You Say"