CD Young Pluky 'Dodging the R.I.C.O.' new sealed Minneapolis underground hip-hop

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CD: Young Pluky "Dodging the R.I.C.O." (Brickboy22 Entertainment, 2007)

Born in Toledo, Ohio but relocated to Minneapolis, Young Pluky dropped this slice of independent underground rap in 2007.

TRACKS:  1) Intro D.T.R 2) Ghetto Life (feat. Rawi Cavi) 3) Condasending “Chrip” 4) Caviar (feat. JLD) 5) Coke Drout (feat. OX) 6) Over Crumz (feat. Pardo Sparks) 7) Gladiator (feat. Ox) 8) D.T.R (feat. Raw Cavi, Kool) 9) Coke Lords 10) Savage (feat. AKI) 11) Put Down the Pack 12) Honor My Past (conversations with HandzDown) 13) Son of Perdition (feat. J.L.D) 14) Acknowledge Self (feat C. Brown, D. Macc) 15) Core Belief (spoken word) 16) Have Mercy (feat. Bre’)

CONDITION: new, sealed