CD WNOC s/t (1995) Philadelphia rap-rock MC 40 funky rare 90s rock Sublime

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CD: WNOC "WNOC" (self-released, 1995)

Popular regional band of the mid-1990s, WNOC (apparently short for White ________ On Crack) was a rap-rock band in the vein of Sublime or Fishbone, whose frontman MC 40 engaged in show-stopping antics amid the band's high-energy rock.  MC 40 recently passed away at age 48.  Don't miss your chance to pick up this rare piece of Philly rock history!

TRACKS: Intro, Hit the Stage, Time to Get On, B-I-L-L Bill, Shotta Taco, Squeel (Start the Revolution), Monster Truck Intro, Satan's Monster Truck, Supersex Samba, Chuck Wagon Rag, Nu Jaunt, Salty Man (Sir Psycho Salty), Beer '95, Da Tanks, Kick a Fan.

CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with inserts.