CD Tiny Monsters 'Now This' (1993) Vermont experimental music double album

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ARTIST: Tiny Monsters
TITLE: Now This
LABEL: self-released
YEAR: 1993
CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with all inserts. .

a double CD set, billed as the band's 35th album, from these experimental Vermont musical pranksters.  The lineup includes Dave Bleuher, Eric Boyer, Will Parmelee and Nick Racco.


TRACKS: Bake Glaze and Bugs Can't Sit On It, Rubber Ladders, When You Wonk You Week You Know, The Volvo Sedan Song (i. Parkway?, b. Through, Pony and Deck, c. Jokul Passage, d. Samba Vamp, e. Land of 1000 Rusty Jacks, f. From Curled Tufts Under Throat Till Pogonotrophy Snoot), The Grey Space (1. 5 Brows on a Bass Visage, 2. Swing Arm Lamp, 3. Shlammy Lammy in Muffin Shist, 4. Spandrels, 5. The Scent of Gravel-o (He Sent Her Gravel)), Down the Volga With His Sweetie, Toast For Change City (1. Real For!, 2. Moulded Hollow, 3. Toast, 4. 10,000 Light Fixtures From Home, 5. Salvador Dali's Dog and Toast), Sharp Boarders (I. Plex Peat Mato, II. Bougainvillea Cellar Doors), I Like Working (A. Mouthing Mousseline, B. Preoccupation With the Malefactor).