CD Take My Chances 'Down Here With Us' (2006) modern hardcore old-school approach

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CD: Take My Chances 'Down Here With Us' (OneDaySavior, 2006)

This young hardcore band opened Kid Dynamite's reunion show and won 'best demo of 2005' on punknews dot org before releasing their debut album.


1. Maximum Extreme, Pt. 2
  2. I Just Threw a Heroin Sppon at You
  3. Grizzly's Hawaiian Dinner
  4. Genius Doesn't Transfer to Tape
  5. Ten Foot Donkeys
  6. Open the Big Window
  7. 3 1 4
  8. It's OK Officer... We're Running Late to Practice
  9. Bridge May Ice Before Chorus
  10. I Am the Guido Champion

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