CD Social Disease 'Decades of Disease' new sealed metal crossover thrash punk

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CD: Social Disease "Decades of Disease" (self-released, 2007)

1987-1989 recordings from this Long Island crossover band, for fans of DRI, Carnivore, Crumbsuckers and the like.

TRACKS: Christian Holocaust, Whorse, Hellpless Homeless, Regret and Neglect, Dictated Life, Legal Siege, Living a Lie, Coke Dreams, U.S. , Insurrection, Nazi War Crimes, Daddy's Little Girl, A Final Thought, Raghead, Mental Fence, Crap, Bleeding Heart, Corporate Bliss, Homophobia, Black Crack, I Hate, Feces Species, Pro-Choice, Pogrom.  Bonus re-recordings of: Hellpless Homeless, Regret and Necglect, Dictated Life.

CONDITION: new, sealed digipak.