CD Sairaat Mielet 'Controversial History 1988-1993' Finnish straightedge thrash

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CD Sairaat Mielet 'Controversial History 1988-1993' (Six Weeks)

CD is used, comes in a digipak, which is in good condition and shows light wear.

Album and EP reissue from this outspoken and abrasive Finnish straightedge thrash/hardcore band.


1. Pilvess? Vaiko Taivaassa (Overclouded)
2. Tehovalvonta (Strict Control)
3. Rajana El?m? (Life as a Limit)
4. Tippa Rappaa (A Drop Kills)
5. Sairautena Tupakka (Tobacco as Sickness)
6. Tasa-Arvoa (Equality)
7. Onko Vikaa P??s? (Is There Something Wrong with Your Head)
8. Torven Juntit (Rednecks of Torvi)
9. Ongelma (Problem)
10. Punk on Paskaa (Punk Is B*******)
11. Puolialkoholistit (Semialcoholics)
12. Viina on Mun El?m?ni (Booze Rules My Life)
13. Miksi Linnut Ei En?? Laula (Why the Birds Are Not Singing)
14. Sorbus-Punk (Drunk-Punk)
15. Pimeys (Darkness)
16. A.L.K.O. (Liquid Store)
17. Pornoteollisuus (X-Rated Movies)
18. Straight Edge (Boy Scout)
19. Rattijuopot (Drunk Drivers)
20. Sokeana Pime?ss? (As a Blind in Darkness)
21. Shellille Ei (Just Say No)