CD Rich Ridenour 'From Rags To Rich's' (1991) ragtime piano Gershwin Scott Joplin

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CD: Rich Ridenour 'From Rags to Rich's' (B & R Recordings, 1991)

A collection of popular piano compositions from 1850 to 1970, with an emphasis on ragtime.


Louis Moreau Gottschalk - The Banjo
Scott Joplin - The Easy Winners, The Entertainer, Maple Leaf Rag, Solace - A Mexican Serenade
Zez Confrey - Kitten on the Keys
George Gershwin - Rialto Ripples
William Balcom - The Garden of Eden (Old Adam, The Serpent's Kiss, The Eternal Feminine)
George Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue 


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