CD Pulling Teeth self-titled (1994) Saginaw Michigan Todd Michael Hall Riot V Jack Starr Harlet

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CD: Pulling Teeth "Pulling Teeth" (Gimp Records, 1994)

Saginaw, Michigan-based band formerly known as Harlet.  They changed direction and diversified their sound in the 1990s as an attempt to stay relevant, only to fall apart due to musical differences.  Vocalist Todd Michael Hall later found renown as the singer of Jack Starr's Burning Starr and most recently, of Riot V.

TRACKS: Severed Garden, Accepted But Not True, Just a Cog, The Difference, Consciousness of Love, Box Full of Things, Set, Heads Off To the Chicken, My Little Animals, The Seed Is Dead, Blood On My Hands, The Snake.

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