CD 'One Point Oh' re: think Collection Charlie Peacock 1996 smart pop jazz rock

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CD: Various Artists "One Point Oh: the re: think Collection" (Re:Think, 1996)

Charlie Peacock curated this collection of pop and jazz, just a step removed from the mainstream, a collection for real connoisseurs of classy left-of-the-dial music that sticks with you.


Sarah Masen - All Fall Down
Charlie Peacock - Insult Like the Truth
Joey Richey - Can't Take It With You
Karen Bradley - Wild Patch
Aaron Smith - Again and One Mo' Time
Diana Beach - Boomerang
Brent Milligan - Still Breathing
Ensemblepossible - deeperkindofjoy
Sarah Hart - Falling To Ashes
Richard Thomas - To Velma, With Love


CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with all inserts.