CD Oasis Acoustic 4CD set folk bluegrass Brian Clancy/Fiddlers Three/Barb Enos

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CD: Various artists, "Oasis Acoustic, Volume 29" (Oasis Duplication)

A massive four-CD set of acoustic music, from folk to bluegrass to pop, released in the early 2000s as a promotional tool by this long-running media duplication business.  Quite an interesting mixed bag of new music!


Gabrielle - When You Want It
Robin Bullock - The Lightning Field
John Stowers - River of Songs
Mick Byrd - Train Song
Zoe Speaks - Pearl
Mike Dowling and Randy Sabien - Minor Thing
Sally Rogers - Kitty Alone
Effron White - Biscuits and Gravy
Chuck Durfor - Hunters
Stephen B. Martin - Buried Alive With Snakes
Jason Dennie - Tein Creeks 
Nate Barofsky - The Bar Song
Danny Kahn - Running With the Devil
Akira Bubar - Procrastination
Sarah Stockwell - Ain't No Grave
Circle City Bluegrass Band - Nine Pound Hammer
Mystic Seaport Forebitter - Round the Corn Sally
Frank Wakefield - Midnight On the Mandolin

Brian Clancy - The Craic Was Ninety
Andrew Acosta and the New Old-Time Pickers - Staring At the Moon
Jean Bratman - Speak To Me
Timothy Hill - After a Snowfall
Peter and Mary Alice Amidan - Down In the Valley
Bare Necessities - The Hole In the Wall
Robert Hoyt - Valley of the Shadow
Joanie Leeds - Ray
Sara Hanson - Kate's Song
Don Haynie and Sheryl Samuel - The Waitress
Jim Pipher - Old Songs
Kate Callahan - Good Time
Ukelele Man - I've Never Been To Stuckey's
Jeff Doll - Three Reflections II
JoAnne Spies - Where the Prairie Begins
Free Fall - Flying
John Lilly - Broken Moon
Jon Zachary - Fingerville

John Paul McNeil - Rollin' Home
J. Peter Bales - Lost Hobo
Marc Worthington - Giga de los Gatos
Joan McMillen - Reprise Now
Jesse White - Secret of Slowness
Stump Tail Dog - The Foot That Faltered
Timothy Joseph - Love
The Barolk Folk - Blow, Wind Blow / Up With Aily
George Little - The Cut and Paste Queen
Javier Calderon - Allemande
The Cork 'n Bottle String Band - Lady Esther
Peggy Green - Fair Afflection
Maery Lanahan - Pomegranate
Jason Hanks - Saturday Morning
Peter Conover - Four Winds
Stone Soup - Dragonova
Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra - Opening Title
Braidstream - Chanter

The Fiddlers Three - All of Me
Barb Enos - Lucky In Love
Mark Lamm - Help Is On the Way
Fran Mandeville - Two Bad Guys
Elisa Peimer - Close
Allan Denny - The House My Dog Lived In
Montana Tunesmith - First Snow
Eric Falkerth - Voices
Gary Warden - A Thousand Pieces of Glass
Heidi Snyder - Feathers of Dust
Tracy Stark - Good Life
James Kamp - Beautiful
Andy Ridinger - I Thought I Saw You Again
Kendra Ward and Bob Bence - Rain On the Roof
Al Walsh - uz


CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with all inserts. several minor hairline cracks in jewel case