CD Michael Damian 'Time of the Season' (1994) 4-track radio DJ promo Never Walk Away

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ARTIST: Michael Damian
TITLE: Time Of the Season (single)
LABEL: ? (cat. no. 2PW-1750)
YEAR: 1994
CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with NO INSERTS, as shown. Small date stamp on front on CD art.

4 track CD single sent to radio stations for promotional purposes.  I'm not sure if this CD ever had inserts, it came to us in a lot of promotional singles.  A similar pressing on a different label recently sold for $80 on Discogs.  This version doesn't even have a listing!  For the collector looking for that 'holy grail' single.



1. Single Edit (3:46)
2. Hot Mix (4:40)
3. Club Edit (6:02)
4. Never Walk Away (Bonus Track) (3:46)



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