CD Metallica 'Reload' (1997) heavy metal signed by... a WRIF Detroit radio DJ?!

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ARTIST: Metallica
TITLE: Reload
LABEL: Elektra
YEAR: 1997
CONDITION: used, in good condition, comes in jewel case with all inserts.  Minor marks on CD do not affect play. Booklet has snagged on jewel case tab (it barely fits in the case!) leaving a small tear.


Here's a weird one from a collection we picked up.  The booklet is signed to "Jackie," but not by any member of the band.  It's signed by Screamin' Scott, a DJ at WRIF in Detroit!  The Riff has been cranking out hard rock in the Motor City for 50 years now, and Screamin' Scott was part of the station for over two decades.  Does his autograph on a Metallica CD mean anything?  That's up to you, I guess!



Fuel, The Memory Remains, Devil's Dance, The Unforgiven II, Better Than You, Slither, Carpe Diem Baby, Bad Seed, Where the Wild Things Are, Prince Charming, Low Man's Lyric, Attitude, Fixxxer.


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