CD Maroon 'When Worlds Collide' (2006) cardboard sleeve promo German metalcore

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CD: Maroon "When Worlds Collide" (Century Media, 2006)

Crushing metalcore from Germany!

TRACKS: 24HourHate, And If I Lose Welcome Annihilation, Sirius, Wake Up In Hell, Annular Eclipse, Arcturus, Confessions of the Heretic, There Is Something You Will Never Erase, The Omega Suite: Part II, Sword and Bullet, Vermin, Koo she, Below Existence.

CONDITION: used, CD in acceptable condition, sleeve shows some wear and scuffing.

 THIS IS A CARDBOARD SLEEVE PROMOTIONAL CD.  It does not come with a jewel case or booklets.  It's the CD in a printed cardboard sleeve.

SHIPPING: weight is 5 ounces.