CD Koufax s/t EP (2000) Doghouse indie emo Japanese press w/Leftovers bonus tracks!

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CD: Koufax "Koufax" (Doghouse/Howling Bull)

This 2000 EP from Rob Suchan and his lovable band of poppy melancholy rockers was released with only four songs on it.  But this Japanese edition contains TEN bonus tracks from Koufax's previous incarnation as The Leftovers!  Nice rare edition of this catchy little gem from a long-gone melodic time.

TRACKS:  A Soundwave Sound, Living Alone, Going to Happen, So Long to You and I, Bland, On His Own, Something, Either Way, Underage... Stay Home,  Little More Relaxed, All Back, Davis, Better Living Through Sarcasm, Away With Words.

CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with all inserts.  Also comes with separate Japanese insert.


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