CD Knee Deep and Drowning self-titled (2004) Savannah GA metalcore metal hardcore

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CD: Knee Deep and Drowning self-titled (self-released, 2004)

Metalcore from Savannah, Georgia.


It's 12:32...
I Still Love Jeb, Even Though Sometimes I Think He Hates Everyone
My Friend Jeb Can Fly, What the Hell Can You Do?
I Love You, He Said To the Girl On the Flatcar (Surrendering the Responsibility of Consciousness Part III)
The Inadequacy I've Felt Ever Since I Realized I Can't Grow As Much Facial Hair As the Girl Next Door
I Need You To Give Rodney a Message... Bang!
You Burnt the Pages To My Book of Broken Love
This Lonely Summer Night Skyline Will Remain In My Mind Forever


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