CD Keith Bergman 'Disheveled' (2015) new sealed standup comedy Toledo Ohio digipak

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CD: Keith Bergman "Disheveled" (self-released, 2015)

Condition: new, sealed digipak.

Debut CD from Toledo, Ohio standup comic (and founder of this company!) Keith Bergman.  This 40-something comedian tackles parenthood, mortality, heavy metal, drinking, dead-end day jobs, and morning wood with his smart yet earthy "highbrow stupid" approach.



Intro, Ain't No Party/Polar Vortex, Traveling/Smallpox, Old Man Bars/Bathroom Wall, Soundtrack To Your Life/Every Kiss, The Amish, Hashtags/Guinness, Four Four Four, Supermarket Challenge/Go Back To Sweden, So Blessed, Elderly Racists, Dude Bro Dads/Breakfast On the Oregon Trail, Forty One/The Best Part of Waking Up, Potassium, Message In a Bottle, Old School, He's Just Not That Into You/Outro.

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