CD John Singer 'Shakuhachi Zen' Japanese bamboo flute Zen Buddhist music ancient

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ARTIST: John Singer
TITLE: Shakuhachi Zen
LABEL: Blue Phoenix Music
YEAR: 1989
CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with all inserts. .

haunting sounds of the Japanese bamboo flute in an outstanding recording of ancient Zen Buddhist music.

TRACKS: Shirabe (Introduction), Sagari Hi (Falling Leaves), Matsu Kaze No Shirabe (Intto. to Matsu Kaze), Matsu Kaze (Wind Blowing Through the Pines), Sanya (Three Valleys), Tori & Kadozuke (Playing On the Road and at the Gate), Shishi (A Celebration Piece), Nagashi Reibo (Playing While Walking), Hachigaeshi (Gratitude For Alms), Koku (Bell Ringing In the Empty Sky)