CD Jesus Skins/Jewdriver rare split Impact Records punk oi import hardcore

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CD: Jesus Skins/Jewdriver split CD (Impact Records)

Rare split album from these two bands using oi/punk energy to deliver an unexpected message!


Jesus Skins:

Jewdriver - Don't Jew Me    
Jewdriver - Jewdriver Anthem    
Jewdriver - Hail The Jew Gong    
Jewdriver - Our Blame Is Goyim Glee    
Jewdriver - Pastrami On Rye    
Jewdriver - Bagel Song    

Jesus Skins - ACAB    
Jesus Skins - Religion    
Jesus Skins - Kirche Ja!    
Jesus Skins - Glaubensbekenntnis    
Jesus Skins - Jesus Christus    
Jesus Skins - Für Immer Christ



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