CD In This Moment 'Beautiful Tragedy' (2007) US promotional sleeve promo

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ARTIST: In This Moment
TITLE: Beautiful Tragedy
LABEL: Century Media
YEAR: 2007
CONDITION: used, in very good condition.  Promotional CD in cardboard sleeve. 


A cool rarity from the final days of physical CD promos from record labels!  This CD was sent to music industry contacts before the album hit stores, to get reviews and generate hype.  It's the same music as the "store bought" version" but in a cardboard sleeve, which is now a cool collector's item!


TRACKS: Whispers of October, Prayers, Beautiful Tragedy, Ashes, Daddy's Falling Angel, The Legacy Of Odio, This Moment, Next Life, He Said Eternity, Circles, When the Storm Subsides.


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