CD 'Huh 15' Fleshtones/Dead Milkmen/Mother Hips/Black Grape/Vanesa Daou/Nixons

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CD "Huh 15" (Huh, 1995)

Sampler of indie rock and alternative music from this 1990s music subscription service.



Black Grape "In the Name of the Father"
The Nixons "Happy Song (Make It Rain)"
The Dead Milkmen "Peter Bazooka"
Becky Sharp "Beach Ball"
Fleshtones "High On Drugs"
Medicine "Candy Candy"
Spooky Ruben "These Days Are Old"
The Mother Hips "Shut the Door"
Scheer "Take You Anywhere"
Joe Christmas "Coupleskate"
Vanesa Daou "Near the Black Forest"
The Skastafarians "Dear Mandy"

CD is used, in very good condition, and comes in digipak.