CD Holly Williams 'Ones We Never Knew' (2004) rare DJ promo advance country

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CD: Holly Williams "The Ones We Never Knew" (Universal, 2004)

This is a promotional version of Holly's album, with no front cover, sent out to press and radio contacts before the album's release to publicize the album.  The songs are the same on the CD, but the packaging is different, and is a collector's item.  Catalog #UNSF-02561-2.

TRACKS: Sometimes, Everybody's Waiting For a Change, Would You Still Have Fallen, Take Me Down, Between Your Lines, I'll Only Break You Heart, Cheap Parades, Man in the Making, Memory of Me, Velvet Sounds, All As It Should Be, Nothing More.

CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with back insert only