CD Hata Proof's Rise To Power (2005) chopped screwed Big Cease Kriminal Houston TX

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ARTIST: Big Cease, Vago, Braze One, Kriminal
TITLE: Hata Proof's Rise To Power
LABEL: Hata Proof Records
YEAR: 2005
CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with all inserts.


Two discs - a regular version and a chopped and screwed version - featuring the kingpins of this underground Houston rap label from the early 2000s.  This looks like it came out around the end of the label's active years.  It's the first copy we've ever seen here and I can't find ANYthing about it online, so don't sleep on your chance to add it to your collection!


TRACKS: On Da Come Up, Throwed Ass Flow, Down 4 Mine, Gangsta Ass Flow, Get It On Till Dawn, Pop My Trunk, One Million Hatas, Real Ass Flow, Money Makes the World Turn, When It Comes Down To It, Smoke Alot Drink Alot, How I Miss Dem Dayz, Hata Proof, Just a Hustla, Vago's Flow, Every Day Life, Crunk Flow, Keep On Pushin'.

[second disc is the chopped and screwed version of the same 18 tracks]


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