CD Freewill Records Headed to the Top mixtape Atlanta hip-hop underground rap

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CD: various artists "Freewill Records: Headed To the Top" (Freewill Records, 2005)

Corey Barbar, Nino Brown, Superb, Dirty Dolla, J Barrows and more on this mixtape of underground Atlanta hip-hop tracks.


Nino Brown and Superb: No Time II Play
Corey Barbar: From the Bottom To the Top
Corey Barbar: Look In Your Eyes
Corey Barbar: All Eyes On Me
Dirty Dolla: Back Up On the Streets
J. Barrows: I'm Back
Corey Barbar: Holla Back
Nino Brown and Corey Barbar: They Like Me
Nino Brown: The Focuss Is Back
Superb: Lot More Of Me
Dirty Dolla: Thank You... Foes
Corey Barbar: It's C.B.
Corey Barbar: I Know That
Nino Brown and Corey Barbar: Look
Dirty Dolla and J. Barrows: Remain the Same
Dirty Dolla: You Know How It Goes
Corey Barbar: What's Up C.B.
Superb: So What
Nino Brown and Corey Barbar: 1st and Creme
Dirty Dolla: Bama On the Rise
Nino Brown: What They Mad Bought
Corey Barbar: King of the Flow
Bonus Track: 1 Shot Shotgun


CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with all inserts.