CD For the Sick: Eyehategod Tribute (2007) 2-disc Kylesa, Deadbird, Rue, Brutal Truth, Kill the Client

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ARTIST: various artists
TITLE: For the Sick: Tribute to Eyehategod
LABEL: Emetic
YEAR: 2007
CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with all inserts. 

Two-disc set of the underground's filthiest doom, grind and sludge merchants paying tribute to New Orleans' godfathers of disease.


Dot(.) - Man Is Too Ignorant to Exist
Unearthly Trance - Shinobi
Cable - Pigs
Bowel - Run It Into the Ground
Alabama Thunderp**** - Godsong
Deadbird - Children of God
Kylesa - Left To Starve
Rue - Blank
Brutal Truth - Sister ******
Byzantine - Shop Lift
Buried At Sea - White ******
Raging Speedhorn - $30 Bag
The Unholy 3 - Take As Needed For Pain
The Esoteric - Crimes Against Skin
Total ******* Destruction - Kill Your Boss
Triac - My Name Is God (I Hate You)
One Dead Three Wounded - Dog's Holy Life
Halo of Locusts - Dixie Whiskey

Minsk - Ruptured Heart Theory
Ramesses - Lack of Almost Everything
The Mighty Nimbus - Zero Nowhere
Lair of the Minotaur - Methamphetamine
Sourvein - Broken Down But Not Locked Up
Bloody Panda - Anxiety Hangover
Mouth of the Architect - Story of the Eye
Left In Ruin - Southern Discomfort
Watch Them Die - Serving Time In the Middle of Nowhere
Ozenza - Revelation/Revolution
Swarm of the Locust - Blood Money
Ichabod - Jack Ass In the Will of God
Kill the Client - The Concussion Machine Process
Sowbelly - 99 Miles of Bad Road
If He Dies He Dies - Age of Bootcamp
The Nain Rouge - I Am the Gestapo
The Unholy 3 - Torn Between Suicide and Breakfast


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