CD Fireballs of Freedom 'Greasy Retrospective' drunken rock and roll singles

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CD: Fireballs of Freedom 'Greasy Retrospective' (Wantage USA)

Collection of singles and rare tracks from this midwestern band of drunken, riotous rock and rollers.

TRACKS: Exorcism In the Key of You, Copycat, Ain't No Tellin, Fighting With Knives, Gatornado, Fratrock (unreleased demo), James Brown, Pepper-Dance, Give It a Rest (You F**** B****), Robert Skins For Cray, Scream-Therapy, S***ting Rubber Nickels, Sno-King, Viva El Gato, Vonverno, Krisco-Disskoe (Do the Criscodisco), The Dart Song '89.

CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with all inserts.

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