CD Failed Humanity 'Sound of Razors Through Flesh' 2001 UK death metal ENT promo

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CD Failed Humanity 'The Sound of Razors Through Flesh" (Candlelight, 2001)

Blistering UK death/grind speed featuring members of Extreme Noise Terror.


The Sound of Razors Through Flesh, Your Blood My Blood, Unleashed Defiance, Trust No-One, To Die a Thousand Times, Full of Hate, Darkness Descends, Kicked to Death, They Rise they Fall.

CD is used, in very good condition, and comes in jewel case.  THERE IS NO BACK INSERT -- ONLY FRONT BOOKLET -- THIS IS THE ADVANCE PROMOTIONAL VERSION OF THE CD.

Shipping is $3 in USA, $10 anywhere else.  Email me with any questions.  Thanks!