CD DJ Keith Success 'Feel That' 1998 mixtape Charlie Mack WJUC The Juice Toledo

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CD: DJ Keith Success "Feel That" (Hosted by Charlie Mack)

Mix CD from the 1990s from these two personalities best known for their on-air time at WJUC, "The Juice," in Toledo, Ohio.

TRACKS from: Master P, Phat Bossilini, Rakim, Snoop & Kurupt, Witchdoctor "Holiday", Biggie Smallz, WC, Sylk the Shocker, Lil Keke "Southside", Brotha Lynch Hung, 2 Pac, Botti Call, YGD (Death Row), Destiny's Child, KP & Envyi (RMX), Public Announcement (RMX), Master P (Underground), Wyclef Jean, Mack 10, Wayne Bang & GCP.

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