CD Buzz Band Showdown (1998) Toledo Ohio radio WBUZ comp Lollipop Lust Kill

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CD: Various Artists, "Buzz Band Showdown" (released by WBUZ-FM, 1998)

This compilation featured the bands of the "Buzz Band Showdown," an on-air Battle of the Bands produced on WBUZ-FM in Toledo, Ohio in 1998.  The collection features 90s bands from the area ranging from power pop to punk to hard rock.  Of the eight bands featured, Lollipop Lust Kill made the biggest splash, eventually signing to Artemis Records, touring with Ministry and spending several years on the road.


Lollipop Lust Kill "The Perfect Girl"
Sugarbuzz "Please"
Superfastrunners "Obscured She"
Crazy Joe "Three Sheets"
Local Anesthetic "Wishful Thinking"
Corevares "Holiday Weekend"
Paper Plate "Never Again"
Lethargic Id "Lotion"

CD is used, in very good condition, and comes in a jewel case with all inserts.