CD Bob and Tom 'The Mr. Obvious Show' (2005) radio morning show comedy 2-disc

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ARTIST: Bob and Tom
TITLE: The Mr. Obvious Show
LABEL: Bob and Tom Show
YEAR: 2005
CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with all inserts. 


Sketches from the long-running Indianapolis syndicated morning radio show


TRACKS: The Critter, Gutters, The Dishwasher, MP3 Player, Poltergeist, Larry and Mr. Obvious, The Carjacking, Ski Vacation, The Wife Problem, Der Critter, The Cabin, New TV, Flight School, You Be Mr. Obvious, The Deck, Twins, Too Hot For Radio, The Flashlight, Snow Blower, The Car Trip, The Dog, Mr. Insinuation, The Noise, New Car, Bargain Hunter, Pizza, The Turkey, The Santa Question, You Be the Caller, Answering Machine Messages.


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