CD Blue Dog 'Lurch' (1999) Detroit avant jazz heavy rock Mick Dobday

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CD: Blue Dog 'Lurch' (Cobalt 61, 1999)

Second album from this Detroit avant-jazz ensemble named after a mix between a Thelonious Monk and a Led Zeppelin song.  Their channel-surfing approach was compared favorable to Naked City.

TRACKS: Iguana, The Luch, Prayin' For Jimi, Frankie Sin, Draggin' the Lake Suite (Theme, Surf, Malaise and Funk, Ballad, Hardball), Iguana (radio edit), The Lurch (radio edit), Prayin' For Jimi (radio edit), Frankie Sin (radio edit).

CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with all inserts.