CD 74 Minutes Underground LA punk rock The Beeters/Frontside/Damn Kids/Leftovers

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CD: Various artists, "74 Minutes Underground" (Northeast Records, 1999)

Compilation of punk and hardcore from Los Angeles.


Penn Scarborough - Queen On the Spit
The Beeters - The Marble King
Drawback - Distrction/Paintball War
Flashing 12 - I Never Said
The Nicoteens - I Don't Know
3 Skin - Orange
Frontside - Utensils
End ON End - Take Note
Don West - Guess Who
Claw Hammer - William Tell
Fit For Stomach - Fell Into
The Tijuana Bibles - Mas Mois Miss
Skumbreed - Pasta Primavera
Damn Kids - Breakup
The Leftovers - Reaction, Be a Hero
The Dyslexics - Inside
Blindsided - Mindset
The Frankenburies - Pinch Em Till They Cry
Cyder - By the Way
Madcap - Before It Gets Dark, Gretchen
The Baxters - Windows and Gates/Hallelujah
Jackson Cooper - Casanova the Lamb
Demolition Number One - My Vitamin D


CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in jewel case with all inserts.