CASSETTE Susan Trump 'Live at Caffe Luna' (1999) folk music dulcimer banjo guitar

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CASSETTE: Susan Trump "Live at Caffe Luna" (Susan Trump Music, 1999)

Condition: very good

This folk musician from upstate New York is a master of banjo, dulcimer and guitar.


Give Yourself to Love
Screen Porch Door
Grandparent Ballad
Bluebird Song/Magpie
Rocky Mt. Goat/Nixon's Farewell/Old Molly Har
Old Green Sweater
Rock the Cradle Joe
Stanley Hicks Story/Cluck Old Hen/Boatin' Up Sandy
The Haying Song
Who Will Watch the Home Place

Pack Rat Blues
Misty Mt. Morning/Amazing Grace
Julian of Norwich
The Stone Cutter
Upon Sunset Waters/Childgrove
Cambric Shirt
Old Tom Cat
Here's To Song

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