CASSETTE State of Cykosis 'Choir of a Nutcase' (1997) Toledo rap ICP Hell's Kitchen

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CASSETTE: State of Cykosis "Choir of a Nutcase" (Duce Duce, 1997)

One of the holy grails of the 90s midwestern horror/acid rap scene that spawned ICP, Hell's Kitchen, Esham, Simken Heights and more.  Toledo's Cykosis (later State of Cykosis) released this gem in 1997 and this new, sealed copy has been in storage for years.  Only one available, so don't sleep on it!

Tracks: Intro, Murdergram, Head Like a Brick, Cykic, F*** No, It's On, Seventh Sign, Child Support, Pump Ya Fist, Wildflower, One 964, Pass the Cat, No Love From Me, Stank Stank II, Runnin' Away With Your Brain, Dead Beat, Never the End, Outro.

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