CASSETTE 'Session in Ashes Pub' James Ashe Pub Dingle Ireland folk music tape

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ARTIST: unknown
TITLE: Session At Ashes Pub
LABEL: none
YEAR: not listed
FORMAT: cassette
CONDITION: used, in very good condition, comes in case with insert

Interesting tape here - there are no artists credited anywhere on the tape.  The front cover photo is of James Ashe's Pub in Dingle, Ireland.  Inside the insert is an inscription: "Best Wishes, Paddy and Sadie."  Are Paddy and Sadie the original owners of this tape, or the musicians?  I have no idea!

The tape is full of lovely Irish pub music and I'm sure if you're looking for an authentic batch of songs from this part of the world, you'll enjoy this.  And heck, you might know who these folks on the tape are!

Tracks: Waltzes, Slides, Rose of Mooncoin, Hornpipes, Rose of Tralee, Polkas, Mother's Love, Jigs, Molly Malone, Polkas, Slieve na Mon, Quicksteps, Wild Colonial Boy, Waltzes, Galeway Boy, Polkas, Danny Boy, Goodbye.



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