CASSETTE Ossie Davis/Ruby Dee and Bread and Roses (1979) poetry spoken word union

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ARTIST: Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee
TITLE: Bread and Roses
LABEL: Bread and Roses Cultural Project
YEAR: 1992

Reissue of a 1979 recording made for Local 1199 with Ossie and Ruby Dee presenting poetry, dramatic readings, and a scene from Ossie's Broadway hit "Purlie Victorious."  Ossie narrates between tracks, enforcing the common goal of working people - bread and roses.

TRACKS: Bread and Roses, Underneath the Poet Tree, Madam and the Census Man, Life Is Fine, Dear Dr. Butts, Hold Fast to Dreams, What Happens To a Dream Deferred, Daybreak In America, Mother To Son, Incident, In the Beginning, Antebellum Sermon, Volunteer, Tim, Donations, My Union, Calling All Women, Statement To the Court, Purlie Victorious.


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