CASSETTE Mountain Anthems 'Come To the Water/Grace Enough' a cappella gospel

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CASSETTE TAPE: The Mountain Anthems "Come to the Water/Grace Enough" (MA-3)

Two albums' worth of beautiful, inspirational a cappella gospel singing, recorded originally in the 1970s, from this beloved vocal group.

?For Those Tears I Died, Had It Not Been, Jesus Will Outshine Them All, We Shall Shine As the Stars, Sweeter Gets the Journey, A Hill Called Mount Calvary, The Resurrection Morning, The Kind Shepherd, Dear Spirit Lead Me, He's More Than Just a Swear Word, The Lighthouse, Tears Are a Language, Thank You For the Valley, Fill My Cup Lord

Grace Enough, That's Just His Way, Thank God I Am Free, Who Am I, Gott Ist die Lieve, This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me, Wasted Years Though Your Sins, Sweet Sweet Spirit, Why Me?, Lo! My Shepherd Is Divine, This Is My Valley, Peace Joy and Love, No Troubles In Heaven, I'll Live For Him Alleluia 
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