CASSETTE Jim Hinkle 'Nobody's Darling' (1987) reissue classic country rare tape

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CASSETTE: Jim Hinkle "Nobody's Darling" (Gold Circle, 1987)

Can't find a lot of information about this fellow or this album.  It looks like it was released on a private label on vinyl in the late 60s, as was a 45 of "Nobody's Darling."  My guess is that Gold Circle re-released this version in 1987, with or without permission, perhaps for sale in truck stops and other places with the "tape rack" on the shelf filled by a salesman.

Regardless, it's a cool rarity for anyone trying to find these classic songs!

Condition: used, in very good condition, comes in case with insert.

Tracks: Nobody's Darling, The Welfare Man, Memories of Home, Release Me, Don't Make Me Love You, After the Laughter, One Piece At a Time, Wait, If You Think You've Been Hurt, Time, Because Of You, I Just Can't Help Myself.

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