CASSETTE Gordon Bok 'February Tape' Vol. 1 Maine winter folk songs selections

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CASSETTE Gordon Bok, et al "February Tape, Vol. 1" (Timberhead)

condition: Very good, comes in case with original sleeve

Gordon Bok gathered a group of fellow folk musicians to create some music to get through the harsh Maine winter, and released selections in a series of tapes.  This is volume 1 of that series.


Buena Es la Que Va
Father Goodbye
Sandwood Down to Kyle
Chicken Gumbo
Mhic larla Nam Bratach Bana
For the Love of Willy
Little Beggarman
The Wreck of the Bay Rupert
Planxty Fanny Powe
Conch Ain't Got No Bone

More Weather
Cup of Tea
Curtains of Night
Weehawken Ramble
Priggish Tom and Piddily Pie
Hoe Down All Them Weeds
Singing Bear
Ancient Music
Donkey Engine Song
Good Is That Which Passeth

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