CASSETTE Dennis Hysom Sings the Wooleycat's Favorite Fairy Tales 1992 kids tape

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CASSETTE: Dennis Hysom "Sings the Wooleycat's Favorite Fairy Tales" (BMG, 1992)

condition: used, in very good condition, comes in case with insert

tracks: The Wonderful World of the Wooleycat (opening narration), Goldilocks Returns, Fiddly Fee Fi Fo, Gimme a Little Kiss!, It's Rumplestiltskin, The King's Birthday Suit, If Wishes Were Fishes, A Kiss From Her True Love's Lips, The Gingerbread House, When the Wolf Comes Knockin', Making Happy Feet, Dance Cinderella Dance, You Can't Fool Little Red, The Wooleycat's Goodbye Song.

This is an audio cassette tape -- not an LP or CD

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