CASSETTE Chicago III 2-on-1 reissue tape CGT 30110 Peter Cetera Terry Kath horns

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ARTIST: Chicago
LABEL: Columbia
YEAR: unknown (album originally released in 1971)

Special 2-on-1 budget reissue of this underrated third Chicago album!  This edition's not catalogued on Discogs or Amazon, making it a nice collector's item for the diehard Chicago fan.

TRACKS: Sing a Mean Tune Kid, What Else Can I Say, I Don't Want Your Money, Travel Suite (Flight 602, Motorboat to Mars, Free, Free Country, At the Sunrise, Happy 'cause I'm Going Home Part I, Happy 'cause I'm Going Home Conclusion, Mother, Lowdown, An Hour In the Shower (A Hard Risin' Morning Without Breakfast, Off To Work, Fallin' Out, Dreamin' Home, Morning Blues Again), Loneliness Is Just a Word, Elegy: When all the Laughter Dies In Sorrow, Canon, Once Upon a Time..., Progress?, The Approaching Storm, Man Vs Man: The End.

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